I’m putting it in writing

No more buying horses for me at least for the next month or so! Really… 🙂  I need a break and I need time to focus on Gib and Letterman. I thankfully sold Catch Ya Later and Mister P J this week which was perfect timing because yesterday when I got home my barn had flooded and their stalls were 4″ deep in water. The tax ditches all around our area were actually overflowing onto the road. My fields looked like lakes. It is a mess but hopefully will drain off in the next few days. Catch Ya Later will be hunting with Wicomico Hunt. PJ will be doing some hunters and also hopefully hunting, trail riding and just being an awesome all around horse. They were both amazing horses and their new owners are thrilled.

Elusive Sky has totally turned the corner. He was one that I bought in late March off the track and he experienced the big crash. He wasn’t in good condition and he was just miserable. I realize how easy it is to transition the canter horses to their retraining because they have already had plenty of time off when they come to me. This guy needed time!

His body hurt him and he wasn’t exactly pleasant for a while. He was sweet as can be on the ground but when your body hurts you tend to not want to be touched. He was allowed to have a light work schedule to give him time to physically and mentally heal. Now he thinks he is pretty darn awesome. We figured out the one thing he loves more than anything is jumping. This horse seriously perks right up when he sees a jump. We haven’t done really much flatwork because his body is still healing but jumping allows him to build muscle while going forward so we work with it. He is starting to put on weight and muscle. He loves trail riding and going out and about. He is going to be an eventing machine. The girls have been riding him for me because he really did need a lighter rider for a bit while his back muscles got stronger.

Letterman has been excellent. We are starting to smooth out the canter! Gib has been working hard with some lunging just to get him more consistent. I feel like riding has been hit or miss due to the amount of rain that we are getting. Something crazy like 10″ in the past few weeks. Enough!

I want to give myself less work so that I can really focus on Gib and Letterman. Sales are great $$$ but they keep me so busy that I often don’t get a chance to ride my own horses. I think Sky will sell here shortly which will put me at a very managable number of personal horses (right now I have 2 personal horses (junior & letterman) and 2 resale horses. Gib stays until the end of the makeover so at least until October. Ridge is my only boarded horse. Six horses is our magic number in terms of ease of work. If Sky sells I will likely bring a CANTER horse to keep it at 6 horses. Maybe if something perfect comes along I will get one more resale but we will see. I keep that fairly open-ended because it really has to be a horse that speaks to me. See..I am already talking about possibly buying another. I need to learn self-control but that was very apparent when I picked up yet another cat over the weekend.

My husband will soon ban me from all thoroughbreds and cats. Long story short we had went to dinner in Wilmington and on the walk back to our car this cat saw me crossing the street and gave me the “look.” I stopped to acknowledge him but he then proceeded to follow us for the next 10 min. Kurt tells it like I kept slowing down to egg the cat on which may or may not be true 🙂 Kurt pleaded with me to keep walking and ignore the cat but I think he knew that I had already made my mind up. Poor Tom Cat was so skinny, covered in bites from fighting, had ticks and fleas and in need of some quality care. I picked him up and he just let me carry him to the car. Kurt doubted this cat would ride in the car but he rode the 1.25 hrs curled up on my lap. He was so hungry that he dove into his wet food and then ate his dry food too! Drank a whole bowl of water. Poor cat! Thankfully, he understands the litter box. He is in the quarantine room and has an appointment for a snip job on Tuesday 🙂 We are calling him Willy and Kurt secretly loves him. I am sure I stole this cat but if he did belong to somebody they didn’t deserve him. He is the friendliest cat!

Kurt is a very understanding man. I think to live with a horse crazy/cat crazy woman you have to just roll with it 🙂 He doesn’t believe me when I say that I am taking a break from buying horses so maybe putting it in writing will help me stay strong 🙂


2 responses to “I’m putting it in writing

  1. I love hearing about people picking up animals! Rescuing is good for the soul and the animals are always so worth the effort.
    Sky looks like he will be fun!

  2. wish I’d round somebody to place a bet with.

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