Meet Katzimo

I headed up to the CANTER farm on Saturday. It was 95 degrees and of course all the thoroughbreds were standing up under the big run in sheds. It was actually pretty nice in the sheds and our smart horses know better than to stand out in the sun. I started to panic when I began to look at horses. The are all bays. Perhaps different shades of bay but almost all were bays and I had no clue who was who. The farm manager could be there so I was on my own. You can sort of tell the horses who have been there for a while because they typically are fatter and their feet look better. Those who have been there the least amount of time will look a bit thinner and may still be foot sore.

I handle most of the Delaware Park donations and also network with that track so I know those horses well and most of them end up at the farm that is only 35 min from my house so I am over there more frequently. I didn’t recognize any of the horses in the first field. I had to call Allie and get some help. My phone didn’t want to work so pictures weren’t working. Thank god for tatoo’s and pictures we take. This one has two white ankles and a star..this one has a big blaze..this one is a darker bay with a tiny ring around the ankle..this one has a cribbing collar and so it went.

I actually picked out Trooper D based on his wild man mane that is super long. Count Truckee was one of the newer arrivals and was one if the thinner horses (not thin but just thinner than some of the rest) and he looked like the picture that I had seen. I was standing there and I spotted another guy who looked at me with the sweetest eyes. I described him and Allie told me it was Katzimo. I remembered him from his track photo but I couldn’t have picked him out standing there. Katzimo needed some farrier work and Truckee was super adorable but also looked to need a pair of shoes. I took those two out and put them on the trailer. We headed up to the other field to see who was up there. I spotted Corcho (knew him because he was at my farm for a bit) and I recognized the two mares (She’s a Good Girl and Big Talk). Then this other horse came up and started mugging me for attention. He was really cute, fat and had good looking feet. I could tell he had been there for a bit. I was curious who he was so I called Allie again. He was Crazy as Can Be. I thought he looked ready for a job as well.

Allie told me to go ahead and take two to the lay up farm closer to me so I could start their retraining when I had stalls and of course pick one for the challenge. I added Crazy as Can Be to the trailer. Posso Volare would have been one I would have liked but he is at our North Carolina facility next in line to get restarted down there 🙂 I never found J G’s Jazz Band. It is a big farm and he could have been out eating grass somewhere.

They all loaded right up and when we got to the farm we decided the plan would be to unload them all and jog them out on a grass strip to decide who to take home. Kurt was walking two together and I walked one. We stood there and looked at them a bit. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do. Each of them was lovely. Truckee didn’t have much foot to nail too. Katzimo was missing a shoe and was quite sore. Crazy as Can be looked good. I stood there and pondered it all a bit. Katzimo was calling to me and not because he was the one who looked ready. He looked sore but he looked like he wanted to please and would appreciate a stall. The other two looked like they could have cared less about anything but green grass. We do often make decisions based on things such as this horse looks like he isn’t thriving on pasture board in the middle of summer. Some do better than others and we try to keep that in mind.

Katzimo got back on the trailer and the other two went right into the field and joined the herd. There wasn’t any antics just heads down and straight to eating. We unloaded Katzimo and got him settled in. He got a bath and seemed to enjoy it.

Here is what I know about Katzimo and his racing career. He is sired by Sky Mesa (I have another horse in the barn by Sky Mesa) and was born in February of 2008. He ran 11 times and made $9168. He had a repaired condylar fracture and I am guessing that was the break in his race record from February of 2011 to December of 2011. He came back to racing and raced soundly but was just slow. He was donated by his caring owner and trainer when one of our volunteers took his listing at Laurel in January of this year and told them about our donation program. He has just been hanging out getting to be a horse since January.

He settled right in and was eager for breakfast this morning 🙂 Today I clipped his muzzle and his ears. He stood there leaning into the clippers. Pulled his mane and gave him a good grooming. Doesn’t mind the fly spray bottle (some are funny about fly spray). My farrier is amazing and came out to get some shoes on him (he had one on and one off) so we could get him more comfortable. He didn’t have a lot of foot to work with so we put aluminum shoes on him so we could use smaller nails. The foot without a shoe is bruised up so I packed him with magic cushion. He was already walking better tonight. He has his own stall that open up into a small paddock. I didn’t want him running around with my herd on his sore foot just yet. He is happy to just cruise around between his stall and paddock. Loving his yummy alfalfa.

This is a picture of him at the track:

Arrival at the lay up farm from the track


and now

 He looks pretty silly in all of his fly gear but I think he likes it. Fly sheet with neck and fly boots to keep him from stomping. Gotta keep those shoes on! He will let me know when he is ready to start some work but I think with the shoes on he will come around quick.


3 responses to “Meet Katzimo

  1. Ooooo, I like Katzimo. Now you can send me the Truckee horse, hahahha! Like Kat’s pedigree too and he looks like he will be a lovely mover!

  2. Very nice–what a good looking boy!

  3. Is Pepper going to be part of the ongoing commentary? Ha! Funny kitty.

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