Crazy as can be gets started & Katzimo goes to Fairhill

I do need a barn name for him because I refuse to call him crazy šŸ™‚ Crazy has been hanging out in the CANTER fields for over a year now. They become a little bit feral in some ways but it makes them really eager for a job. When he arrived he instantly became attached to another horse and it was a bit of drama for the first few days until he got the hang of the program. This is one reason I do like to give them a few days to settle in. He had went from one CANTER farm to another CANTER farm and then to my farm. That is a lot of change!

It is interesting that when they start to get a bit of grain and realize that a stall can be a resting place they begin to relax and not worry so much about their friends. I saw that he started to really enjoy coming into his stall and I knew he was ready for some work.

We took him out for some conformation shots and he stood up so relaxed which was a change compared to some who find putting four legs in some sort of organizing fashion to be the biggest challenge they ever faced. Getting one good standing shot can take 15 min at times. We took a few pictures and got what we needed. I just like to document the before pictures because I love watching them change.

Kurt had started giving him 3lbsĀ morning and night of grain and I asked if he had gotten a good look at him. This horse isn’t one that needs a lot of grain. The horses on the farms don’t get grained and for the easy keepers I like to just put them on a ration balancer. He is eating 1lb am and pm of Triple Crown 30%. Shouldn’t need anything more unless he starts to drop weight when he gets into work but he is a chunky guy and I doubt that will happen.

His feet are short so he is a bit ouchy but I am not sure what I will do about that just yet. When they have been on the farm for a year they are used to being barefoot and they have such quality hoof wall which is nice!

I took him out tacked up and walked him around. He looked at things and made some snorting noises but never reacted. He is aware but we pegged him as an internalizer. He may be scared but you aren’t going to know it. I then put him on the lunge line forĀ  few circles just to make sure. Better safe than sorry always being my motto šŸ™‚ He had zero clue how to lunge and was snorting at the lunge whip but made a really good attempt at trying to do what I asked. He trotted really slow and kept his eye on me but it was clear he was relaxed.

He stood perfectly at the mounting block and Kurt lead me a lap around. He just felt relaxed which is what I am aiming for so I went off on my own and we did some nice trotting around. I tried the canter..tried being the main word. He didn’t think that gait was required in his new life and I didn’t want to get after him on the first ride. I should have had my stick but honestly on the first ride I always try to make it stress free. We know they canter so why force it!

It started to pour on us but he didn’t seem to care. I hopped off and he walked in the barn with confidence. Almost like he was strutting now that he was back into work. He LOVES treats and boy does he like to eat. He has a really sweet personality and I am guessing he is going to be a really nice all around ammy friendly horse. He is really comfortable to ride.

I had an awesome ride on KatzimoĀ at Fairhill over the weekend. What a very cool classy horse. He was beyond awesome and went over bridges, in the water and through tunnels. He seems more relax than most horses heading out into such a busy environment.

Read about our trip here-

I had intended on doing some flatwork with him last night but got rained out. Uh!



One response to “Crazy as can be gets started & Katzimo goes to Fairhill

  1. Wow, Crazy (hee) looks fantastic!! Can’t wait to see more videos of Katzimo too!

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