Gib update

I put an update on my makeover page here- 

Gib is off in a new home with an eventer who wanted to take a chance on him and didn’t mind bringing him along slowly. I have been getting good reports and I am so excited about his future.

Katzimo continues to be absolutely amazing and fun. He is jumping around small courses and seems to really enjoy it. He has such a great attitude about everything. Love him!

Crazy as can be makes me laugh hysterically. My friend Jess has been riding him most of the time and we all have a running contest on who is going to manage to get him to canter first. He so far hasn’t cantered under saddle but we know he is capable of cantering. We are going to try it on a trail ride following other horses. Hope to fit that in this weekend.

It has been super busy on the farm. I am actually one more horse than I have stalls right now. I did actually sell Misty Galaxy (the gorgeous big 3yr) but I bought another horse soon after who will arrive early next week.

I need to get Tin Star aka the Tin Man going. He needed a chance to just relax and he has gotten 2 wks to be a horse. I will start to just do a little bit with him. He is looking relaxed and happy.

Do you all plan on attending the thoroughbred makeover in Pimlico? I am really looking forward to the roping and cattle demonstration and the barrel racing! See here-

We got some instructions yesterday and I believe that I will take Katzimo on Friday to get him settled in and let him ride around the grounds a bit. We will likely be doing a demonstration on Saturday. I am sure more details will be coming. I think Kurt and I hope to stay in a hotel there for friday/saturday night so I am arranging barn help. It feels like it is a long time away but just over a month to get it all organized.

Katzimo will be for sale following the makeover event if you know anybody interested. I need to get crazy marketed as well. I should change his name but I just keep calling him crazy. Poor guy! He will make the ultimate lower level fun horse!


One response to “Gib update

  1. Would love to go to Pimlico, but too far for me. I too can’t wait to see what Duck can do with the cattle! Good luck with Katzimo!

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