Katzimo becomes a guest horse

I wrote about our fun weekend out on the trails but first you have to check out Crazy’s sales ad here- http://www.canterusa.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8836%3Acma-crazy-as-can-be-153-h-5-yr-gelding-in-delaware&catid=48%3Ama-canter-available-now&Itemid=313 He wants his own person and he is just about as easy as they come. He will continue trail riding/paper chasing until sold.

We had a wonderful trail ride out with Katzimo and Crazy this weekend. My friend Lauren came up to borrow Katzimo. She hasn’t ridden since the last time she came to my farm and rode Letterman. Katzimo was wonderful! The bugs were bad but the horses didn’t mind too much. Crazy was great through the water and over the bridges. He even led us past the bikes on the trail when Junior was being a wuss and ran the other way 🙂

Read about our fun weekend here- http://www.retiredracehorsetraining.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=488:off-to-the-trot-races&catid=97:jessica-morthole&Itemid=404

Here I talked a bit about bloodlines and why I think it is important to look at them when choosing horses. I have two horses by Sky Mesa in the barn and both have the same personality and are really nice rides- http://www.retiredracehorsetraining.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=482:do-bloodlines-matter&catid=97:jessica-morthole&Itemid=404

I bought a horse who will arrive today just because I liked his bloodlines 🙂 His name is Blue Desert and he is a nice looking athletic 3 yr gelding. Hopefully he lives up to the expectations.

It has been such a busy summer on the farm. I am aiming to sell some horses and slow down a bit for the fall/winter. Right now we have one more horse than we do stalls. I have a couple of nice sales horses getting ready to get marketed soon.

Tin Star will be ready very soon. He is lovely and so sweet. I have started riding him now that he has had a few weeks of rest. He is very nicely balanced and I think he will be a nice event horse.

Tin Star is 16 h and 4yrs old. He is priced at $3500 if you know anybody shopping. I call him the Tin Man. The seller kept calling him Tin Man and it stuck.

I am going to write another post about Katzimo and his lovely flatwork here soon. He is really coming along. I love him! So many nice horses in my barn that it is hard to pick a favorite.


One response to “Katzimo becomes a guest horse

  1. Hurray Katzimo! It was tough, but someone has to do the dirty work of riding that horse on the trails (sans tacking, bathing after, etc work) 🙂 I told some of my racetrack connections to tell Hammy Smith what a wonderful, comfortable, and happy horse Katzimo is. My secret hope is I can “help out” again before he sells!

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