Katzimo gets some new photos

A much delayed photo session of my gorgeous boy. Uh, do I have to sell him. I just love riding and working with this horse but yes he does have to move onto a new home after the symposium. It is fun to do a conformation comparison. Can you believe this is only two months difference? Wow, imagine six months of training. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

Late July

Middle of September

Big difference in his weight and muscling. He stayed in the stall during the day (the bugs were bad) with a fly sheet with a neck on to help improve his coat and keep his color dark. He feels quite different when you sit on him. Much wider and uphill. I have been writing a lot of posts on my thoroughbred makeover page so check them out here http://www.retiredracehorsetraining.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=97:jessica-morthole&layout=blog&Itemid=396&layout=default

Katzimo has been slow to catch on to the jumping but I always knew it was simply a lack of fitness/muscling. It takes time to get them strong enough to even push off and he is just a casual type of horse so he wasn’t quite sure it required effort. I have been doing quite a bit of groundwork to help him figure out the jumping. It has paid off because last night he was finally picking up his feet!

Ha, no clue about this pic but he tried very hard.

He is for sale for $3500. 16.1 h 5 yr and pure class 🙂 I love this horse and everybody who has ridden him instantly falls in love.


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