Monthly Archives: December 2013

New homes and new adventures

Hi everyone! I know..long time without writing. Not typical of me but sometimes it  can be a bit scary what is in your own head. Let’s just say I am in a great place right now. Good things are happening and I am back to riding again. I am not 100% back but I feel it coming. I have lost so much weight none of my clothes even the way smaller clothes I did have  (yay for shopping!). I have been getting out quite a bit,  found a lot of fun things to get involved in and met some great people along the way. The farm work kicks my butt in a good way. Sometimes I throw a pity party..I mean winter can bite it but I think we all do that. I never thought I would run my farm solo but I like challenges.

I was working with Crazy and I decided Crazy simply hated ring work and needed more time before he was going to be sellable. He LOVED trail riding but he kept bucking going into that canter and it puts people off. We were going to just kick him back out when a friend came along and said she wanted him to foxhunt/trail ride. I think he will be perfect at that job so he went off to Georgia (lucky him!) and I hope he works out. He is adorable and sweet but as is the case with most horses they sort of have their preferred jobs. It doesn’t make sense to push them to hard to fast to do something they aren’t ready for and in his case he needed more time to learn to love riding in the ring. I think he will with time.

I was VERY VERY excited about picking out a new horse to work with at the farm. I managed to catch the cold/sinus infection from hell but we still went over there. I took a lot of pictures and haven’t uploaded them yet. Amanda went along and we shopped the CANTER farm fields.

I will do a little chronicle of that later with pictures because it is fun to see them all and talk about what I see when I look underneath the winter coats, long manes and out of shape horses to what they can become.

I had one horse in mind but he didn’t want to  be caught so I came home with Count Truckee. He looks like pure athlete. Um, the plan is to get on him today so wish me luck 🙂 I mean the way my luck is going I likely will get tossed on my butt but I will just laugh and get back on again. Bring it this point I laugh at it all. Nothing can be as worse as what I have made it through 🙂 Truckee and I bonded while I spent 1/2 hr getting all the burrs out of his mane, tail and forelock. OMG that was a mess. The  boys in that field were getting into the burr bushes. They looked like they all had fancy dreadlocks. He seems worried but sweet. He is smaller..maybe 15.3 ish guessing but compact, uphill, nice conformation and just looks athletic. Nice mover as well. He needed some time to settle in and the weather was crappy. I worked with him a bit in hand but that has been in. I haven’t had anybody at the farm to help me due to the holidays but I will have some help here soon.

I also have been riding a former CANTER MA horse, Southern Review, that was out our NC facility and sold to a local foxhunter. I got to hunt him at Wye Island last week (I was so sick and it wasn’t smart but who cares!) and he was awesome. Galloping down the road just smiling the biggest smile ever. What a cool horse. I love what I do! It took me a while to get back to it but I am happiest when I am in the saddle. His owner was thrilled to see him go. He was slightly worried about the hounds coming in and out of the woods but nothing more than a little scoot here and there. He listened and watched the hounds the whole time. I love how light he is in the bridle and i can just ride him with one hand. He is a total blast to ride. I was supposed to hunt him again tomorrow but I truthfully still feel like crap. I need to get healthy.

So anyway..more pics and all that good stuff later. I should be writing a lot more and keeping up with the blog.