Weather delay

Okay, so who else is grumpy and eating everything in the house??? I had lost a bunch of weight..damn this weather 🙂

So Truckee was coming right along. It’s fun when you can get videos to compare so I happen to have one of his first ride and 3rd ride.

Amanda did his first ride since I was about as sick as can be and could barely see straight. We thought he would be a bit nervous because at this point he was still very nervous in the barn. I brought him out and walked him around the ring and he just casually glanced at everything. I lunged him for a few minutes just to let him get used to all the tack and gauge his reaction. He was forward but behaved. He still doesn’t really know how to lunge so I have work to do there.

I attached a regular lead rope to him and walked him to the mounting block. Amanda slowly climbed up and just got him comfortable but he was very relaxed. We both were quite happy since we have dealt with several in the past few months that were absolutely horrid about the mounting block and neither of us felt like dealing with another one in the middle of winter. She put her foot in the stirrup and just laid over him a bit. He was very relaxed so she swung lightly into the saddle. I walked her around a few laps and he was very relaxed. He is much more relaxed with somebody in the saddle than he is on the ground. I always like these types! They generally have good work ethic.

Now keep in mind this horse has been sitting in the field for a year just being a horse so it was a lot to throw at him but he was excellent. Steering..well that is questionable 🙂 I had a little bit of a feeling the canter might prove to be exciting. I always tend to do the riding myself on these horses that I think might be a bit hot because it’s hard not to panic when they shoot off into the canter and I had a feeling he would. Yep, he leapt into the canter and for a minute or so he was getting around the ring at a pretty good clip. I’m trying to talk to her a bit about just giving and taking on the reins so she doesn’t hold and just keeps breathing. She said she was scared and could hear I was slightly worried. Ha, I was a wee bit worried he might take off take off faster but he didn’t. Then he came back to a nice canter. She handled it well. She has come a long way in her riding and I’m thankful for her help!

I rode him several times as well and this is the last ride we have on video. He needs his teeth done and is quite fussy about being asked for steering and regulation of his pace. I asked him not to fly into the canter and he thinks that is silly. You can see that canter is a bit of a work in progress but it is a darn nice canter in there. He did well in the ring with other horses. He happily goes right over ground poles and a small little x-rail.

This past week we haven’t been able to ride due to the frozen tundra. I’m worried about his feet bruising up on this hard ground but not much we can do about it. I will be back to work with him today with some lunging. I want to get him a bit more confident on the ground and start to introduce some side reins.

I also plan on clipping him here sometime soon. He is going to be a lovely event horse! I love his feel and natural balance. I am excited to get back to work with him.



2 responses to “Weather delay

  1. Love that jump start into the canter–feelin’ feisty!

  2. Amanda gave him a great first ride. Can’t wait to follow his progress – he’s going to be a dynamite mover. There is a great extended trot in there!

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