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Truckee sold & horses getting started

Truckee had quite a bit of interest after his xc outing..finally! I think people finally saw what I had talked about and were interested in coming to see him. He promptly decided to fool my plans and got a kick right behind the knee that earned him some lay-up time.

This is a picture of it with a week of healing. It was quite gross early on!

It is healing up nicely but he is contained to a small paddock with daily wrapping. He is being an excellent patient. What Truckee doesn’t know is that somebody bought him off his videos and he will travel to Georgia in the middle of May to be an event horse. Let’s just not tell him so he manages to make it out of my barn in one piece!

I moved the remaining CANTER horses to the new farm. They settled in great. Amanda and I went over and gave them a beauty treatment and started the first rides. We pulled manes and actually each horse allowed us to clip their bridle paths, legs and more just standing in the round pen. Good boys! We curried them all really well and tried to get some of the winter hair off. They look a bit rough at the moment but I am confident they will look better with their new coats coming in.

The new farm has a big round pen and also a covered riding ring which is a bit down the road. We have four horses there so we just brought two horses at a time into the round pen to work with figuring that would help them to be relaxed.

First to be ridden was Yesterday’s Story. He was really SLOW! He is really quite fancy but his one downfall is that he sticks his tongue out of his mouth completely.

He had come in really thin and he has gained weight but still has some more to go. He is such a sweetie!

We had brought over Stormy Horizon with him and Stormy was just walking around seeing the sights. Stormy is a big boy! I think he is around 16.2 but built like a tank. He is ultra sweet as well. Really nice mover and just chill about life in general.

Next we brought over David’s Little Boy and Money for Love. David’s Little Boy is huge. He is around 16.3 and big. I didn’t get pics of him because he was being a bit of a brat about being handled. We did Money for Love first. This is the cool war horse who ran over 70 times. His legs look perfectly clean. You could tell he was just smart.

He was really good to ride and seemed to be thankful to be doing something. We thought David might be tough to work on but he was perfect while we clipped him and pulled his mane. I think he just needs to see the world a bit more. Amanda was sick and ran out of steam so we just didn’t get on him.

We haven’t gotten back over there yet but hope to this weekend.

I got to head off to Charles Town, WV and see the big classic race which was very cool. CANTER got presented with a $10k donation which will help us rehab, retrain and rehome more horses. It was my boyfriends first time seeing horse racing and he really enjoyed it. He was amazed at watching them down the final stretch. Very cool to see that in person!

My easter present from Oklahoma arrived. It took him 2.5 days to ship out to me and thankfully he is even better than I expected. His name is Cherokee Paint. He has lovely blood lines. He needs to let down his racing muscle and gain some weight but he is eating super well. He is really sweet and quite talented. I have done a bunch of stuff just trying to get pics and video for those interested but now he is going to just rest a bit. If somebody wants to buy him now that is good but otherwise I will let him chill and then get him going in a few weeks.

He still moves up and down in the trot but riding him felt amazing. Such power and his uphill nature is lovely. The canter was just so lofty and the trot is going to be just stunning. I love him! I sort of expect that he will sell which makes me sad because I would love to keep him for a bit but I do enjoy the process of finding nice horses and watching other people take them to the next steps!

The next few weeks I will be focusing on getting the CANTER horses at the farm into work. We will start track visits at Delaware. I have another horse coming in for training for a month. I likely will be on the lookout for one more resale horse. I hope I don’t get one so far away…shipping is expensive 🙂 Stay tuned!

Truckee goes cross country!

The warm weather hit and we all were feeling the need to get out cross country. We did a little free jump session on Friday just for the fun of it. They were awesome. Truckee moves so nice and boy can he jump. That was nothing for him. I just didn’t want to jack it up to big on the first time through the jump chute.

We took two trailers and did one group first. I rode Junior and let me tell you that was the ultimate fun. He was awesome and was so game. It was nice to be back out there again. Amanda rode her horse Elusive Sky and Becca rode her horse Necessary. They all did super well.

We brought Rockin Fun along as company for Truckee. Rocky is so calm that I figured he would be a good partner for Truckee. Junior is also calm but not out xc. Junior isn’t keen on waiting while other horses jump 🙂 Oldehope was in the process of having a well drilled right near the warmup so there was a lot of commotion. Truckee didn’t care a little bit. He looked at it but that was it.

He started out a bit looky but as you can see in the video the progression was quite fast as he soon started locking on the jumps and taking her to them. He was so brave with everything asked of him and by the end was jumping some of the Novice size jumps. Good boy Truckee! He just had so much fun.

We got high compliments from Jane upon arrival. She said she has seen a lot of horses looking very rough…they shouldn’t be in public just yet. She said our horses are the best kept horses she has seen all year! I have to say that I am pretty darn good at transforming these horses in terms of weight and muscle. Look at how he has changed in 3 months!

You can see he likes the xc!

We all can’t wait to do it again! I can’t believe Truckee doesn’t have more interest considering he is sound, no vices, good mover, good jumper and is barefoot with awesome feet! I am sure his person will come along.

Yesterday, I moved the CANTER horses to the new farm. They all loaded and unloaded great. They settled in well. I am off on Friday so I think I shall go pull some manes and get on all of them. They will start in work and hopefully all be for sale shortly. Some lovely horses!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Progress!

I am sorry that I haven’t kept up with the blog but life has changed quite a bit for me. I spend more time at the boyfriends house in the evenings than at home and he doesn’t have internet service..or tv for that matter. He has a big farm that is on this lovely country road with just wide open land all around. It is only 20 min from me but very rural in nature. I do catch up on a lot of reading which is good!

Is everybody else feeling a bit better now that the weather has improved? I swear it is like instant motivation when it finally starts to get warm and the sun is shining. I have been dragging and seeding all my pastures. My grass is looking good. There are so many farm projects that are now in progress. Keeping me busy but nothing new there.

I missed the lovely Thoroughbred show at Winter Place Park over the weekend when I woke up with either the stomach flu or food poisoning. That was no fun. I heard great reports and Tami and her crew always do an amazing job. CANTER Mid Atlantic really appreciates the support.

Truckee continues to improve in leaps and bounds. Amanda and I are sort of tag teaming the riding on him but she is doing most of it with me supervising. She is doing a great job. Sometimes the only way somebody learns is by being allowed to have a shot at it. I know that is how I learned! I really love teaching people how to understand ottb’s and all the secrets that I have learned over the years. It is a very rewarding process.

She felt like Truckee was hitting a bit of a wall in the flatwork especially to the right. I got on him and I felt that really going right he just needed more outside leg/rein so it’s more of a left rein issue than a right side issue. He wants to cock his head right and fall through the left shoulder. He wasn’t super happy about me pushing his body straight with the outside aids but he started to come along. One thing that I am constantly harping on the girls about is use LEG..more leg..and not hand. My riding ring has grass sides and they can’t manage to keep the horses in the ring 🙂 That is the homework that I gave. Outside aids to ride the horse straighter in the body to control the outside shoulder.

Truckee has a great canter but upon arrival it was more like a gallop. You really have to sit up and half halt and use your leg and body to encourage him to come under himself and lift in his back but not bearn down on the bridle. You will see me give him a little whoa half halt and then he balances up. I want to be able to soften the reins and relax without the horse running faster. You do that by teaching them to balance themselves by using your seat and legs for your half halts. Don’t let them balance on the reins..nor can you balance on the reins. You want contact but you also need to have the contact be a giving contact. You should be able to let it go forward with no change.

I have to say that this horse is really one of the nicer horses that I have ridden. I know that he is just under the magic 16h and he doesn’t have a lot of white on him but there truly is something very special about him. His uphill nature feels fantastic to ride, he is soft in the bridle, moves well off the leg and just has lovely gaits. He is barefoot and still gaining muscle and he feels this good. I think this horse could go upper levels with the right rider. He just gives me that feeling and I’m not often wrong about those sort of things. He likes a program but that isn’t a bad thing. He just has such great work ethic and is willing to please. I really enjoy him and so does Amanda. We both remarked how you just want to keep going with him because he is a fun ride.

Anyway here is the flat from yesterday:

Compare this to his first ride about three months ago! Looks like a different horse for sure.

His jumping is also coming along. He jumps anything and everything and is adorable. Here is Amanda jumping him last week or so.

Rockin Fun will soon be leaving. He continues to be a farm favorite. He is going like a million bucks and his new owner is going to have a blast with him! I have been riding Junior again and hope to get him to some events this spring. He had some kind of reaction on his knee and was out for a few weeks. He is trying hard to avoid work 🙂

I also bought a new resale horse that will be coming from Oklahoma. His name is Cherokee Paint.

He has some cow

I may also have another former CANTER owned horse coming in for either training or sale. Not sure which yet but we will see.

The CANTER horses move to the new location on the 15th. Amanda and I will be putting them all in work so we should soon have five total for sale including Truckee. Stay posted!