Truckee goes cross country!

The warm weather hit and we all were feeling the need to get out cross country. We did a little free jump session on Friday just for the fun of it. They were awesome. Truckee moves so nice and boy can he jump. That was nothing for him. I just didn’t want to jack it up to big on the first time through the jump chute.

We took two trailers and did one group first. I rode Junior and let me tell you that was the ultimate fun. He was awesome and was so game. It was nice to be back out there again. Amanda rode her horse Elusive Sky and Becca rode her horse Necessary. They all did super well.

We brought Rockin Fun along as company for Truckee. Rocky is so calm that I figured he would be a good partner for Truckee. Junior is also calm but not out xc. Junior isn’t keen on waiting while other horses jump 🙂 Oldehope was in the process of having a well drilled right near the warmup so there was a lot of commotion. Truckee didn’t care a little bit. He looked at it but that was it.

He started out a bit looky but as you can see in the video the progression was quite fast as he soon started locking on the jumps and taking her to them. He was so brave with everything asked of him and by the end was jumping some of the Novice size jumps. Good boy Truckee! He just had so much fun.

We got high compliments from Jane upon arrival. She said she has seen a lot of horses looking very rough…they shouldn’t be in public just yet. She said our horses are the best kept horses she has seen all year! I have to say that I am pretty darn good at transforming these horses in terms of weight and muscle. Look at how he has changed in 3 months!

You can see he likes the xc!

We all can’t wait to do it again! I can’t believe Truckee doesn’t have more interest considering he is sound, no vices, good mover, good jumper and is barefoot with awesome feet! I am sure his person will come along.

Yesterday, I moved the CANTER horses to the new farm. They all loaded and unloaded great. They settled in well. I am off on Friday so I think I shall go pull some manes and get on all of them. They will start in work and hopefully all be for sale shortly. Some lovely horses!!!!!!!!!!!!

One response to “Truckee goes cross country!

  1. Wow, Truckee is looking fabulous! Ya’all are doing an amazing job with him; looks like he is an XC machine!

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