Never tell them they are sold!

Horses..why do we love them so much when they are so fragile? So I posted that picture of Truckee’s wound healing up. It was looking really good. Then I came home and took the bandage off one evening and went oh no..I didn’t know what had happened but something had changed. It had opened up, tons of swelling and lots of drainage. Quick look by my vet with some xrays. Bone was okay and no damage but she didn’t like the looks of it. I called into work and said I wasn’t coming in and got him up to New Bolton. We were worried about infection and also any damage to the tendon sheath. You can only do so much in the field and he needed an ultrasound to see what we were working with at the time.

I am always thankful for Tb’s anytime I have to load by myself and go strange places. He calmly loaded and unloaded. Walked right into the rooms there at New Bolton. Was very friendly and the vet students were giving him some treats. He got a stall while we waited for ultrasound. The ultrasound was good but showed infection, a tract of gas and some cellulitis and tendonitis. None of the critical structures were damaged but the vet thought that infection was present.

It was decided that he must stay at New Bolton and undergo regional limb profusion. Basically they use a tourniquet and apply it above the wound site. Then they inject the antibiotic via IV directly into the vein that rounds into the wound site. They apply a bandage and let the horse stand there. This results in a highly concentrated dosage of medicine directly into the wound site. He got three profusion while he was there and stayed for a week. He got another ultrasound and was discharged when the swelling had reduced.

He was happy to be home! My local vet came out on Monday and did another profusion. We think that will be the last one. Right now the wound looks good and swelling is down. I have to keep a compression wrap on it at all times. He is less than happy about his current situation but thankfully is a very very good patient!

We have applied for an emergency grant and would welcome any donations. It is amazing how quickly the vet bills total up. We are at $3500 already! His potential buyer may still go forward and I hope she does but time will tell. We are looking at another month of healing. He gets out for some supervised walking in his small paddock daily. He feels great and is very sound.

In the meantime, I managed to buy another horse. I am blaming facebook! I saw a blurb about a grey 4yr gelding for sale and thought I should email. Ha, yeah you know he came home. I just had seen cell phone video so I was very pleasantly surprised by what stepped off the trailer when my friends unloaded him. Origami is his jockey club name. 4yrs old and 16.3 h. He is lovely! He was already let down but we were letting him settle in a bit and life just got a bit crazy with Truckee at the hospital and all that stuff. We only have ridden him once but will get started back up.

Video of him the minute he came off the trailer

We have been working with the horses at the CANTER farm. They are doing great! Hopefully will have more pics and video of them soon. We all have our own favorites. Amanda likes Stormy Horizon. I think my favorite is Yesterday’s Story. Brent and Becca liked Money for Love. All of them are quiet and good to ride. Amanda and I are going to start hacking them out and about.

Cherokee Paint has put on so much weight at my place. He is looking lovely! He is learning to stretch down in the trot and my lord he is just so fancy it makes me drool. I need to get to work on advertising him here soon. Weekend goal for sure! He also got some dental work and the farrier.

My focus for a bit is going to be getting my two sales horses sold and getting the canter horses at the farm going. Truckee is just going to be resting so nothing to be done there. I have a former CANTER horse named Southern Review in for some training while his mom recovers from shoulder surgery. He is absolutely lovely and fun. It is busy as always but I have a great crew of people for help and support.

I have some big news coming down the pike. Just taking my time making announcements. Stay posted 🙂

6 responses to “Never tell them they are sold!

  1. Origami is stunning!!!!

  2. Poor Truckee! Glad it sounds like he will be fine after some TLC, though.
    And *drool* Origami is one tall drink of water–so handsome! I would take him in a heartbeat.

  3. Glad Truckee is on the mend. Those vet bills add up–I know right where you’re coming from. Still paying of my horse’s stay at the local “5-star hotel”.
    Origami is gorgeous!

  4. aaaah! You’re killin me here. I have a huge grey fetish.

  5. So thankful that we live in a region where we can just load up and head to New Boulton!

  6. Great story! I work with a lot of OTTB rescues and have dealt with injuries and recoveries just as you’ve noted. I’m amazed at how they respond to love and good care. Thanks to you for doing this work! UPDATE us!!! 🙂

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