Before and After

Before and After pictures of the CANTER horses.

Truckee at farm

3 months later of Truckee being in work (although inconsistent due to weather!)



Katzimo upon arrival at my farm late July.

2 months later in middle of September of 2013


At track July 2012

Let down stage September 2012

Improving but still a bit yuck in February of 2013

May 2013

Mort Robbins

I have to do this because it will be an interesting show of why you can’t just go off pictures. This was the first picture that was sent for CANTER to advertise Mort when he was on the farm

I was doing rounds at the track for CANTER and Mort had went back into the track and when the trainer pulled him out I was pleasantly surprised because I had only seen the above photo. I thought to myself that he looked like an event horse and he was just so quiet and smart looking.

Shine my Shoes

June 2010

Sept 2010

Nov 2010

Feb 2011

Yellow Tavern

Standing in a before he arrived


The day that I picked him up I rode him at Frying Pan Park

Week Later

Wait he's black? I though he was bay!

With his new owner competing training level eventing

MJ@HillcrestFarm 005

Flint Hills

Dixie Rumble

LMAO looking at this. This was the day that Allie dropped him off to me.

Just two months later


At the farm in September of 2010

Nov 2010

 Starting his training Nov 2010

Was sold on to Debbie Brady and then went to Meghan Harris to learn to foxhunt.

Indy’s Wolf arrived with Dixie Rumble and I wasn’t quite sure what to think. Now he didn’t start with the best conformation but lack of muscle made it look a lot worse.

Just a month later looking more muscled

He wasn’t perfectly conformed but man could he jump. I swear he would just randomly jump as high as he could just to make me giggle.

6 months after

7 responses to “Before and After

  1. Amazing. You’re doing incredible work !

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  3. Jess, thanks for putting all that together, it was awesome to see all the before and after pictures. And all the work you put in to getting these wonderful horses looking so good. I promise to send you a new Shoes picture soon to add to your “album”. He is quite furry, but I think you will see how he has grown and matured even since last spring.

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  5. Some of the pictures don’t show up? Maybe it’s my browser but I LOVE seeing the transformations!!

    • jessicamorthole

      I know and it drives me crazy. I had all those photos on webshots and never realized webshots was being transferred. I have all of the photos on disks and need to upload them one of these days.

  6. You are an inspiration!! It’s amazing to see the stages each one goes through when given the time to unwind and recharge. Thanks for posting this!

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