Products that I Love

With three horses on stall rest, I have recently come up with a new must have product. Nibblenets!

I have slow feeders outside in each paddock and I absolutely consider them essential to any farm. Keeps the horses eating 24×7, keeps paddocks clean, less hay wastage and perfect for those who inhale food. I actually find they eat the same amount of hay because they can’t waste it.

I had tried to find hay bags that worked and were easy to deal with but before I got the nibblenets I really didn’t find anything that I liked. The nibblenets are made out of a heavy canvas which has so far (knock on wood) held up super well to very heavy use for the horses. They are easy to fill and I can stuff two huge flakes in there or three small flakes. I like that they have a buckle at the top so you can tighten the top down enough that the horses can’t reach in from the top and cheat at pulling out hay.  The horses were pissed at first but now just dig right in and pick at them for hours. It keeps the horses on stall rest entertained all day so they don’t just finish their hay quickly and stand their angry while I am at work. I also like that it keeps the hay from getting stirred all around the stall and mixed into the bedding. Letterman likes to do laps in his stall so hay mixed in with his sawdust makes a mess.

I also have much love for Cavallo boots- I have these in several different sizes and they are mission critial when horses lose shoes, get abscess or even riding on rocks. Right now I am doctoring up a guy with an abscess and I just wrap the foot and throw the boot over so that he doesn’t mess up my bandage. Super easy! If a horse throws a shoe that I use the boot until the farrier gets there so I can prevent the foot from breaking up and getting bruised. They are so easy to put on and have held up to heavy use.

These are just two products that I have been glad to have over the past few weeks.  



6 responses to “Products that I Love

  1. Love you posts, all of them. Am VERY interested in Love.

  2. I agree regarding the Cavallo boot. I don’t know what I did before without them.

  3. I just picked up a pair of Cavallo Sport Boots for Solo’s fronties because he is a foot wuss and I LOVE them. We rode, and I mean RODE, the mountains and mud and rocks and everything and they did not budge even a smidge. So impressed! I have some EasyBoot Epics too, that have saved my butt more than once, but I like the Cavallos much better now. So glad they are helping you too!

  4. have been looking at some options for Starla’s hay in the stall during the day – it’s everywhere and I don’t like them to run out or it to get cleaned when they do the stalls. My boys at home pull their hay out of their racks and make a mess. Going to pick one up for her and if it works better then their racks, get one for my boys at home too.

    • jessicamorthole

      I really love them! They are holding up super well to rough horses who abuse them. Worth the $$ in my opinion. They hardly get any on the floor and it lasts all day.

  5. I love the net. I am going to look into the boot now too. I waited a little too long to put her shoes on (had appointment for today). Of course that didnt happen bc she has a bad stone bruise and can barely get around. Just when you think they are ready to get started something always comes up.

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