This is just wrong

Really mid 70’s to 80 degree weather and I come home to snow???? Not at all funny 🙂

We are adding some crush and run topped with stone dust to our sacrifice paddocks and thankfully they finished right before the snow arrived. However, it’s not ideal for it to be all freeze and thaw while the paddocks settle.

I will conquer the mud!

Kurt packed them down with the big vibrating roller

We put in the paddocks last year and they are the greatest thing ever for those of us with small property. I bring the horses up into the paddocks and lock them in when the fields are wet and they will spend time there when I reseed. We have a good rotational grazing system but you need to keep the horses off the wet fields if you want grass so these paddocks are fantastic. We have a nice geotextile cloth down and already had a good base so we basically just added material as the horses wear it down over time.

The horses have been hanging out in the front field and acting like total goons running and bucking. Diamond says Hi! Shady, a boarders Tb, is in the background and is also quite cute.

His face is one of those that make you smile everytime you see it. He is always happy about life.

They are all very cute but I have to say that my horse is the cutest of them all 🙂 He is so adorable but so darn annoying all wrapped into one.

Someone had emailed me yesterday that is shopping for horses. She was asking about Shoes and mentioned she had a connemara/tb that she loved. She called her horse a ferrario on wheels which totally made me laugh because I often refer to my horse as a sports car. Her description of what she liked to ride fit Shoes to a tee and if you like a conn/tb you more than likely are going to love riding Shoes because he feels a lot like one. I love getting emails from people who read my blog! I hope she comes to see him and falls in love 🙂


4 responses to “This is just wrong

  1. splishsplashriding

    Jess – Who is the dark bay on the bottom? I just love that face and eyes (ssshhhhhh…don’t tell Splash. He will get jealous :):) )

    Ashlea and Splash

  2. Ashlea, that is my horse..isn’t he adorable! He is a connemara/tb and a really awesome horse. Events, hunts, trail rides and does a bit of everything. He has a pony look to his face don’t ya think?

  3. splishsplashriding

    A bit of a pony look to his face. He has a wise, soft look to him that I really like. I bet he is like Splash…really smart and likes to see what all he can get away with 🙂

  4. Jess….. Your blog is the best….. So informative….. Anyone who has a farm or farmette and doesn’t have a “sacrificial” paddock is just tearing up their grass fields….. I had grass clear through November due to utilizing the sacrificial paddock when wet…. Keep up the good work.

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